Oregon Dollhouse and Miniatures - It is a HOBBY, it is a WORK of ART

BIG Changes are Happening Here
at Oregon Dollhouse and Miniatures

I am not going to be making "House Calls" any longer and am going to direct my energy to what I really love and that is creating miniatures to show and sell, and spending lots of time with our granddaughters.

As for the selling go to the Where to go page to find places you can find my miniatures, both handmade and resale.

I am going to slowly faze out my web page.  With out a store front of my own and dwindling inventory it is silly to pay for it.

I will still attend the Portland and Seattle shows each year and keep my booth at the Hoffman House Antique Mall in Molalla.  AND keep in touch with my mini friends through Email.

Though I live in SE Portland my heart seems to be in Molalla these days.  On the VISIT MOLALLA page you will find all  my favorite things to see and do.

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