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and Miniatures

I have just come into possession of some molds for ceramic dolls parts, and LOTS of molds. I hope there is someone with interest in them.  I am working hard on going through the boxes and making a list of what I have.  I am not sure how to show them for sale. 

Anyone who has experience or any ideas I am open.  I will have them at the Seattle show so come see me.  I am pricing them to sell fast.

I'm on my way to the Seattle Miniature show this weekend.   Go to the link to see all the details. 

I'll have the discount boxes that you saw at the Flea Market in January.  They start at .10 each item.  These were very popular. 

Check out my Face book page and the project I am working on for the show.  https://www.facebook.com/sheri.obrien.31?fref=photo


I am working on my booth at the Hoffman House in Molalla.  You can find me there every Tuesday.


I offer my skills and services by appointment to anyone who is interested in building from a kit or has a house that needs some work.  I will teach you how to do the basics or you can hire me to do the work for you.  I charge $15 an hour for labor such as construction and wallpapering and $25 an hour for wiring and electrical work.

Use the Menu on the left to find out more about me and what I do.

My Minis will show just a few of the things I have made.  Some are for sale.  If you are interested, contact me for more information.

Houses for sale by owner this sort of explains itself, don't you think?

Where to find me will show the address of the Hoffman House Antique Mall that opened in April and the shows I attend each year.

You have any questions  just send an email to sheri@oregondollhouse.com

On the links page I have a list of other businesses you might find useful. 

To see what is for sale go to the Hoffman House page.  I have a sampling of the things in my booth there.

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